Ingrid Marsh Charisma coach

Ingrid Marsh is a motivational speaker and an activist for gender and racial equality. With the hidden impact of 'fixed mindset' cultures and unconscious biases on self-esteem and reaching your full potential, she is on a mission to transform one million workplaces and schools into an environment where employees and students can thrive.

The Problem

It's a struggle to have a voice, bring your authentic self to your work or stand for something when every day you unconsciously enter environments where unconscious biases are allowed to thrive. All of this is especially true in a world which is dominated by those with a 'fixed mindset.' This results in a judgmental culture and unconsciously forces you to assimilate, conform and ‘dim your light’ to fit in. Stereotyping and our entrenched unconscious biases also mean that when women and those from minority groups do speak up, their voices are often undervalued. The scariest aspect, however, is that studies also illustrate that stereotypes not only impacts self-esteem and your wellbeing but also become self-fulfilling prophecies. It's an environment that stifles creativity, suppresses individuality, puts companies at risk of groupthink (cited as a significant factor behind the collapse of the UK bank Northern Rock), impacts productivity, and employee engagement.

I set to work, and over three years developed my programme: Unplug, Discover, Unleash. A process to equip organisations and entrepreneurs with the mindset and tools to restore creativity and increase innovation.
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