Mindfulness and Inclusive Growth Mindset Workshop

Mindfulness leadership and growth mindset programme

The mindfulness and inclusive growth mindset workshops are designed for you and your team to stop making decisions on autopilot and to cultivate a well, inclusive and nourishing work environment where people can thrive.

The workshops are customised to meet your goals and differ for organisations, schools, and entrepreneurs (see below). It will help to eliminate a fixed mindset culture, mitigate unconscious bias and increase individuality in order to unleash innovation and engagement.

Just like a plant will never fully bloom in the wrong soil, you'll never reach your full potential in the wrong environment.

Ingrid Marsh - Founder

Why is mindset important?

A fixed mindset is the belief that abilities are very much predetermined. It creates a judgmental environment which prevents employees from expressing their authentic voices, stifles creativity and brings about groupthink. Contrastingly, a growth mindset, which is the belief that the brain is a muscle which grows and learns from its mistakes, unlocks mental boundaries and develops greater fulfillment in the workplace. A fixed mindset is also at the source of employees and students comparing themselves to one another at work and in social media. This erodes self-esteem and increases anxiety about bringing their authentic self to work. A fixed mindset culture also results in what is known as stereotype threat and employees being reluctant to express their unique perspectives, fostering low productivity and poor engagement.

The Process: Unplug, Discover, Unleash

The mindfulness and inclusive growth mindset workshop has been developed using the latest neuroscience research into how intelligence and talent can actually grow. This is alongside extensive studies carried out also on using mindfulness to mitigate unconscious bias, blocking negative messages and minimising fear.

Unplug section: Uses a unique combination of tools and mindfulness techniques to minimise the uncomfortable feelings associated with being yourself and becoming aware of your unconscious biases. It is also used to calm the amygdala area of the brain associated with fear.

Discover section: Skills are taught in a growth-mindset, discovering your authentic voice and inclusive collaboration. Growth mindset training is adopting the belief that the brain is a muscle that grows as opposed to a mindset where the belief is that ability is fixed.

Unleash section: The discover section is combined with tools for teams to discover their authentic voices, communicate their unique ideas and perspectives compellingly and bringing their authentic voices to the fore.

Although available onsite, it is highly recommended that to benefit fully, the programme is delivered off-site at one of our recommended central London venues. Participants emerge feeling more confident, curious and creative with a renewed enthusiasm for their work. 

Create space for change


    • Creates a fertile environment that reduces fear, encourages growth and unleashes new levels of creativity.
    • Improves confidence, self-esteem and propels participants beyond their usual boundaries.
    • Replaces a judgemental culture with a collaborative and inclusive one where participants are engaged and unafraid to express their voices.
    • Eliminates groupthink, cited as the collapse of the UK bank Northern Rock.
    • Helps organisations to protect their reputation through reducing the risk of employees transferring their unconscious biases into their work, such as in artificial intelligence.
    • Participants learn how to communicate in a way that engages their audience, makes them memorable, and inspires meaningful change.

TakeTheStairs Toolkit 

We are impacted by unconscious biases and those with a fixed mindset every single minute of the day. One-off workshops are never enough, therefore, to bring about systemic change. Each participant is provided with a #TakeTheStairs toolkit to reinforce learnings after the programme. These beautiful items are designed to create mindful decision-making habits after the workshop, to boost wellbeing and to enhance personal growth.

How we support organisations

The mindful and inclusive growth mindset workshop equips participants with tools to eliminate a judgemental culture, express their authentic voices and mitigate unconscious bias.

The workshops also provide group coaching to remove the obstacles of perfectionism, fear, fitting in and stereotyping and empowers participants to increase their value through being an individual. They are also provided with voice coaching to bring their authentic voices to the table compellingly.

The process unleashes new levels of creativity, increases engagement and supports organisations to eliminate groupthink, cited as a significant factor in the collapse of the UK Bank, Northern Rock.

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How we empower schools

Ingrid has assisted in schools and has volunteered as a Saturday school teacher for six years.

Teachers and parents are equipped with tools to pause, raise their consciousness around biases and develop a growth mindset in themselves and their children so that they reach their full potential.

How we support entrepreneurs

We are living in an increasingly noisy marketplace. Plus, the public is aware that it is all too easy to just put up a website and establish yourself as a business. The only thing that separates you from everyone else, is your voice.

Our programme supports entrepreneurs to find their voices and to communicate it with kick-ass charisma. We do this through using an array of mindfulness techniques to minimise the uncomfortable feelings associated with being your self. This is alongside communication, public speaking and voice skills to articulate your ideas and perspectives compellingly and to motivate and inspire change.

These sessions also help entrepreneurs to protect their reputation through reducing the risk of transferring their unconscious biases into their work.

Participants emerge with renewed enthusiasm, joy and excitement for both work and life.


Mindfulness and Inclusive Growth Mindset Workshop

Ingrid Marsh Personal Development Coach

Growth mindset training

Food and Drinks 

Nowhere is the interdependence of our physical, mental, emotional and environmental health better demonstrated than in food. We aim to provide our workshops in environments that nourish on all of these levels, to the highest standards.

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