The Pause Pod

The Pause Pod

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Every day we enter environments that subconsciously bombards us with messages telling us we are not enough in comparison to others. Along with an array of unsupporting beliefs acquired through childhood, we feel uncomfortable being our awesome authentic selves. Added to this, is a world which is dominated by those with a 'fixed mindset'. A ‘fixed mindset’ results in a judgmental culture that unconsciously silences you and forces you to ‘dim your light’ to fit in. This problem is we are unable to outdo our minds. The negative beliefs you hold about yourself eventually become self-fulfilling prophecies. These impact your self-belief, aura, and actions. Unconsciously to you, they manifest themselves in your body language and speech too, sabotaging your efforts to be heard well and making you not particularly charismatic, inspiring or motivating at all. 

The solution:

The Pause Pod comprises of a full sized Pacifica perfumed roll on with jasmine, orange flowers and Thai leaves to place on your wrist to boost your mood and eliminate stress; a selection of SuperTea Boost tea bags; four motivational cards, your badass journal/workbook, an organic sweet treat, one month access to online video tutorials and journal prompts. Plus, access to our private forum for the times you have a burning question or simply need a hug.  

We are a movement first and a business secon. The Pause Pod provides you with tools to:

  • Create and discover environments that support your growth personally and professionally 
  • Find your voice and overcome obstacles such as fear, stereotyping and shaming that unconsciously forces you to remain in unsupporting environments 
  • Express yourself in a compelling way
  • Have more resilience to recover from difficult situations
  • Increase your confidence to speak up
  • Master compelling communication skills to express yourself articulately, build charisma and make an impact
  • Have increased motivation and confidence

unplug from negative messages


Be equipped with tools and awesome products to unplug from the battlefield of internal and external messages keeping you away from being happy, at peace and fulfilled. 

The Pause Pod


Be equipped with tools and online tutorials to unleash your inner badass and contribute fully to the world! You will be taught skills to express yourself articulately to build charisma, make an impact, increase your influence and create the life you want. To find your authentic voice and develop finely tuned skills to communicate your vision compellingly. This is alongside tools to create an environment that empowers you to build resilience and bounce back from difficult situations.