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Ingrid Marsh Charm school

Break your inner glass ceiling, unleash your inner badass and become a woman with influence in our eight-week online programme. It's Ingrid's 1-2-1 training at a fraction of the cost. 

Skills in communication, confidence and kick-ass charisma

We are a movement first and a business second providing you with tools to positively impact the world through finding your voice alongside kick-ass communication and presentation skills. We do this by empowering you to overcome obstacles such as fear, stereotyping and shaming that silently impair how you express yourself. This is alongside finely tuned communication skills to engage your audience and influence meaningful change. Your audience will swear that you have had no coaching at all and was simply born this way. The secret is, as you remove the obstacles preventing you from being your best self, you will discover you were.

It's time to unleash your inner badass.

The Problem

Every day women are subliminally bombarded with messages telling them they are not quite enough in comparison to others. Along with an array of unsupporting beliefs acquired through childhood and through fear of being judged for not fitting in, women often feel uncomfortable with being their authentic selves.

The problem is, however, is that we are unable to outdo our minds.The negative beliefs and biases you hold about yourself eventually become self-fulfilling prophesies which impact both your aura and actions. Unconsciously to you, they manifest themselves in your body language and speech too, sabotaging your efforts to be heard well and making you not particularly charismatic, inspiring or motivating at all. 

How does the programme work?

Learn: Be equipped with tools to find your authentic voice and communicate your vision compellingly

Practice: Rewire your brain with easy actionable strategies to overcome fear and make the techniques habitual 

Master: Increase your self-confidence and be equipped with tools to rock charisma, speak confidently to large groups of people and share your unique vision in meetings and presentations 

What's included

  • Gain access to online tutorials by charisma and confidence coach Ingrid Marsh to practise in the comfort of your own home. An eight-week course drip-fed to avoid overwhelm and to allow for practice in between sessions. 
  • Tools to rock confidence and create engaging presentations
  • Create a voice blueprint.  Find and define your voice through prepared tools so that your message resonates and consistent through every medium
  • Tools to help crush limiting beliefs you have about being your awesome, natural self
  • A Facebook Group for the times you have a burning question or in need of a confidence boost
  • Downloadable workbooks  


You will be equipped with tools to: 

Develop Self-Confidence

To gain self-confidence one needs courage first. The courage to act despite feeling fearful. You will be equipped with tools to overcome procrastination and kick-start courage more quickly to shatter your inner glass ceiling and crush limiting beliefs about being authentic. 

Design Your signature talk

You will learn the three key ways to writing content to express your authentic voice compellingly. Lessons will ensure clarity and a key message that leaves behind a memorable fingerprint

Voice Impact

It's not just what you say, but the way that you say it. To be able to make an impact and be engaging, your voice is the bedrock of being a compelling communicator. The same sentence can either send your listener to sleep or make them come alive inside. Learn awesome skills such as the Power of the Pause, Timing, Vocal Variety plus more to deliver with confidence and poise in any given situation.

Develop Authentic Body Language

Lessons are provided on non-verbal communication skills. You will develop more authentic and compelling body language for when giving presentations, using podiums and communicating in general.

Express your voice through storytelling

Everything starts with your big why and what you stand for. There is no better way to express this than through your story. Your story is what people buy as well as what sets you apart from others. People don't buy what you do, they buy Why you do what you do? You will be taught the compelling art of storytelling like you've never been taught it before using the techniques of filmmakers and great playwrights.

Use Humour

You will learn the science behind humour such as timing, rhythm and when not to use it to develop an emotional connection with your audience.

Find Your Authentic Voice

Learn what is awesomely different about you from others. Become confident with your uniqueness and learn compelling ways to embrace and express it to inspire and empower others. Discover how to communicate your uniqueness to be a more memorable and influential.

Deal with challenging Q&A sessions and prepping for the day of speech.

Learn how to prep for the day of a talk or pitch. Work through the Women With a Voice advance checklist. Learn foolproof methods of staying true to your voice while dealing with challenging question and answer sessions, hecklers and questions you don't know the answer to.


GREAT! It was fun, engaging and gave great insight on how to unlock the potential of Body Language for public authenticity. Ingrid covered all bases. Will happily be involved in future groups."

Anna Hill/ Inventor/Cyberspace Consortium

Authentic, open and passionate. Focus on female empowerment. Constructive feedback. No pressure 'to perform.' Practical skills, tips and tools. Great to know Ingrid gets fearful and has learnt ways to conquer it.

 - Danielle Silvo / Entrepreneur / Refil it Don't Kill it

Join us to find your voice and communicate your vision compellingly. 

Who is it for:

  • Do you often have a feeling that you were destined to inspire and motivate others?
  • Or you are an entrepreneur tired of hiding, want to be the face of your company but don't have the confidence?
  • Do admire those who have you hanging on to their every word, want to be like that too, but want your own style? 
  • Do you want to make an impact in meetings and when speaking to large groups of people but your communications skills are non-existent and or your confidence sucks?
  • Do you just wish you had more of a voice at work and was more confident about expressing your unique views, or spoke it a way that engaged everyone?
  • Are you tired of feeling fearful about fitting in?

Then this is for you. You will be equipped with tools to remove the heavy weight of perfection off your shoulders, to step into your greatness, communicate with kick-ass confidence when speaking to large groups of people and radiate energy to motivate and inspire others. 


Ingrid Marsh the Charm School

"To Ingrid Marsh, for reminding me that I have a voice. Your support enabled me to build up my own power that somehow was already inside of me but had been neglected. Thank you for everything you do for women."

Andrea Jiménez  - Academic  

The online bootcamp is designed to have you unleash your inner badass, step into your greatness, shine your light and be a compelling communicator.


"Loved working with you Ingrid! I am incredibly grateful to you for being so sensitive in helping me to share my story, which as you know, was a very difficult part of my life. I received a booking for a talk on the very first night I shared it too. Thank you again."

- Helen Chapman / Empowerment Coach

"New and interesting ideas about evolving and strengthening our communication and public speaking skills. Something I have never learnt before."

Kalerina Tirepa / Architect Engineer / Recyclad3d


  • Why is self-expression SO important?

    Facades are never engaging because there is simply too many thing happening with the body happening on an unconscious level when we communicate. According to Christiane Northrup, M.D., a specialist in women’s health and author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, unexpressed emotions also tend to ‘stay’ in the body like small ticking time bombs. She says that along with surgical risks, if a woman does not express herself fully, there can be mental and emotional health repercussions later leading to physical disease. Many illnesses are quite simply the end result of emotions that have been stuffed, unacknowledged, and unexperienced for years and are illnesses in incubation. (Tabby Biddle - Huffington Post)

  • What if I am an introvert or don't want to do the public speaking part. 

    Great! I don't want you to 'do' public speaking either. I do, however, want you to acquire finely tuned communication skills which is all what public speaking is. Being introverted is beautiful. Having a voice does not mean shouting your head off. Public speaking and storytelling are just one of the many forms of self-expression there are. It is up to you whether you eventually express your voice through these mediums. The skills nonetheless are invaluable and makes communicating in general feel like a breeze.