My Health Story

Ingrid Marsh fit and freakin fabulous

"Often the gap between where you are to where you want be seem insurmountable. However, once begin to believe you deserve more or that change is possible, you'll suddenly see a very useful set of stairs to get you there."

Ingrid Marsh - Founder


I have had a growth mindset all my life. Refusing to define myself by my gender, race, social status or age (fixed mindset labels). I had not only achieved extraordinary success in my career and as an entrepreneur but also as a single parent. My son was denied the opportunity to do treble science in one school despite achieving scores higher than his peers and so I moved him mid-secondary to another. He achieved straight A*'s in all three subjects. As a Saturday school teacher too, my growth mindset training has transformed children others had given up on. Indeed, we all have elements of fixed mindset in some areas of our lives. Mine was with my health.

The mental resilience I have equipped myself with over the years, nonetheless, to keep going despite the many more hurdles I face due to my gender, race, social status and or age, was having a detrimental impact on my health. I started emotional eating. I began to look as though I had swallowed a space hopper. I got arthritis in my knee and was receiving physiotherapy for pains in my left hip and side. Diets just made me crave food more and exercise felt like a task. I was working my pants off too and made myself believe I didn't have the time. I started to believe that this was it. That I was always going to look and feel this way. I officially had a FIXED MINDSET.

The wake-up call came when I asked my doctor why was this happening. He said wear and tear. That was the light bulb moment. You see, I know the link between mind and body and that this wasn't just 'wear and tear, but was everything to do with my mindset. My mother had a wearing cartilage issue with her knee too. Nonetheless, she was still able to move around. However, the moment she saw the Xray and the doctor told it was really bad, she didn't walk again. Eventually, using my #takethestairs growth mindset ideology, at age 50 I transformed my lifestyle from a couch potato to a fitness enthusiast, a healthy eater and active runner in the park. The greatest thrill for me, however, is being at one with nature. It helps me to meditate and fills my soul.

Nonetheless, it was eventually being able to silence the noise of the cakes in the supermarket screaming 'EAT ME,' that I find the most life-changing part of my new lifestyle. To be able to ditch dieting and through the shift in mindset, naturally gravitating to the healthier food options. The weight fell off without me being a slave to calorie counting. The arthritis and pains in my hip and side are no more which also saves the NHS quite a few pennies. The best thing of all, however, as nuts as it sounds, is that right from the start, from just being out there is that I felt happy virtually every single day - which results in clearer business decisions too!